Is Blue Light Harmless to Your Skin?

Recently, I had a question about the effect of blue light on my skin. As a skin care consultant, I often get questions about skincare products and the effect that they may have on your skin. I know that many companies will use harsh chemicals in their products to make them appealing to you, but the truth is that these harsh chemicals can cause damage to your skin. I am going to explain what I mean. So, without further adieu, let me begin!

We already know that overexposure to the sun is bad for us. That’s why we wear sunscreen and other protective gear. However, it turns out that the sun’s ultraviolet rays also cause skin damage. You see, sunlight emits not only UV rays but also blue light. Now, the blue light is not necessarily harmful to your skin, but when the blue light hits your skin, the UV rays are absorbed and so you end up with sunburn or worse.

So, is blue light harmful to your skin? I think that any time you are exposed to sunlight, especially with the UV rays, you are at risk. However, you need to be very cautious about getting too much sun. The sun burns not just the top layer of your skin, but also underneath, so you definitely want to stay out of the sun as long as possible!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that just because they are indoors, they are safe from the sun. Again, I think that this is a misunderstanding. Just because you are indoors, you are still getting exposed to sunlight, albeit in an indirect fashion. Think about it this way – you cannot run out and avoid being exposed to the sun at all. However, you can limit your exposure by using sunscreens whenever you are outdoors and spending extra time in the shade during the summer months.

However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can actually damage your skin. Over time, blue light causes certain changes in the skin called photo-aging. This damage is not reversible, but with treatment it can be made to go away. Just make sure that you take time out to age properly and use a good sunscreen when outdoors. If you have an aggressive form of skin cancer such as melanoma, then you should definitely see a doctor for further treatment.

The answer to the question ‘Is blue light harmful to your skin?’ is yes, but only in the short term. If you work against it by spending more time indoors, then you will probably age faster than you would if you stayed out in the sun for longer.